Free Trials

Free Trials

Here at Astris Lifecare, we are able to offer Free Trials on all of our products, conditions apply. The benefits of this are twofold. We are able to provide the most suitable solution for every individual’s needs and you have the assurance that your requirements have been fully met.

Our electric beds have functions that are common across the range including high/low adjustment, back elevation, kneebend and Trendelenburg (on some styles). The main varying factors that Free Trials of beds can address are:

  • Bed Height: How low the bed goes to the floor can be an issue for many clients. This can be due to a client’s height, or more commonly, due to a medical condition. We have beds that can go as low as 100mm and 200mm. Carrying out Free Trials allows us to determine the suitability of specific beds to meet this requirement.
  • Bed Width: The most common size of bed that we sell and hire is a standard single size. However, there are many clients that need extra width to assist with turning themselves over or simply from a point of view of added comfort. The King Single size is also extremely popular and we are also able to supply widths of 1200mm, 1370mm and even larger. The opportunity of Free Trials will greatly assist in decision making.
  • Bariatric Beds: In the instance a bariatric bed is required, we have two common models available. One is rated for patient weights of up to 300kg and the other for weights of up to 350kg. These are traditionally made in a King Single size (or larger). Specialised beds can be manufactured to accommodate even higher user weight capacities than these. Carrying out Free Trials will establish if the bed meets these unique requirements.
  • Customisation: We are able to carry out customisation of beds. Whether it is colour, length, width or specialised side rails – all of these factors can be worked out with you when you take up our offer of Free Trials.
  • Choosing the Right Mattress: Possibly the single most critical factor is ensuring that the right mattress is used for the right application. As beds have features that are common across the range, being able to carry out Free Trials of mattresses is extremely important. The range of mattresses may seem overwhelming but Acute Healthcare is here to assist you.
  • Type of Mattress: There are two common styles of mattress that are offered to suit every requirement. They are Static Mattresses and Active Mattresses. The static mattress range encompasses high quality foam-based products and the active mattresses use the principle of alternating air. The aim is to increase patient comfort, as well as lessen the chances of pressure sores developing. Free Trials will assist you in narrowing down the most suitable mattress to suit you.
  • Specific Needs: There are many factors involved in choosing the right mattress for specific needs. Many people are comfortable on a good quality foam mattress, but if they are “at risk” of developing sores, a premium grade mattress may be more suitable. A “very high risk patient” may need to be on an alternating air mattress. A patient with a degenerative disease or needing palliative care may need a mattress that will assist in pain relief. As tolerances can vary between individuals, carrying out Free Trials allows you to make a decision that you are entirely happy with.
  • Other Factors: Other factors such as an individual’s weight, skin integrity, nutrition and underlying medical conditions all play a role in determining what the most suitable products to use are. Working with a pressure care specialist and taking advantage of our Free Trials will make this a lot easier for you.

Being able to offer you peace of mind is very important to us. Our dedicated sales staff is able to work closely with you to meet every specific need, no matter how small or large it may seem to be. Simply Contact Us and we can give you the personal benefit of arranging Free Trials of our electric beds and mattresses. We are here to help and will offer you a service that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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