2000 Wide Series Ward Bed

2000 Wide Series Ward Bed

The Alrick 2000 Wide Series is designed to cater for larger patients with a 220kg safe working load, and is available in three widths to provide for varying patient needs:

2001W – 1070mm

2001EW – 1200mm

2001EEW – 1370mm

If a higher lift capacity for bariatric patients is required Alrick also offers the 8000 Series with an impressive 350kg safe working load.




  • Electric Hi/Low
  • Electric Backrest
  • Electric Kneebend
  • 125mm Braking Castors


  • Maximum user weight: 220kg
  • Minimum Height:   370mm*
  • Maximum Height:  700mm*
  • *(Add 30mm to above Heights for Central Locking)

  • Sleeping Surface Length: 2010mm
  • Overall Bed Length: 2180mm
  • 2001W:
  • – Sleeping Surface Width: 1070mm
    – Overall Width (including Buffers): 1150mm

  • 2001EW:
  • – Sleeping Surface Width: 1180mm
    – Overall Width (including Buffers): 1280mm

  • 2001EEW:
  • – Sleeping Surface Width: 1350mm
    – Overall Width (including Buffers): 1450mm