Nursing Home Range

The elderly deserve the best care available, especially those that are sick and have difficulties moving around, so why not give them the best? We know that their newly adopted lifestyle needs special care, and with that special care, they need specially designed products to help them in their time of need.

We offer a wide variety of products for nursing homes.

Our selection of nursing home equipment includes something to suit every need. We have beds designed to reduce the risk of falls, while also minimising the need for restraints, allowing your elderly relatives to protect their dignity. Our range also includes beds specialised for immobilisation in those cases where the condition of the elderly person requires them not to move at all; and beds specialised for mobility, in cases where movement is allowed, or even encouraged.

All our products are manufactured from the finest materials, and specially designed to meet the needs of their users. Special care is taken to provide comfort; reducing pressure in the pelvic area and preventing bedsores. Some of our products come with dual-retraction, providing back and leg rests. Our goal is to not only ensure the highest-quality care for residents by tending to any and all their wishes and needs, but to improve their lifestyle as much as possible. The nursing home beds we offer are not just comfortable, but extremely safe as well, preventing any possible injuries and worsening of the resident’s condition. We strive for perfection, offering the perfect combination of comfort, safety, functionality and style.

The Nursing Home Bed Range includes: