Wi-Bo Carisma Bed

Nursing Home Bed Carisma

Cosiness. Economical. Nursing comfort.


The nursing room is frequently the final living room for a person in need of care. In this phase the nursing home bed takes on a central significance and becomes the main focal point for the well-being and dignity of a resident. The Carisma nursing home bed reflects the combination of cosiness, functionality and individual nursing comfort.

The Carisma nursing home bed blends harmoniously into a cosy atmosphere. Through the dual retraction of backrest and foot rest, residents up to 180 cm in height do not need any patient surface extensions that take up space. At the same time this eases pressure on the pelvic area, thus considerably reducing the risk of bedsores. The bed is manufactured entirely in Germany and is equipped with hybrid lifting column technology, guaranteeing a working load of up to 225 kg.

The undercarriage cover in anthracite remains discreetly in the background, and helps to underline the cosiness of the nursing home bed in the low position. Carisma meets the recommendations of the “Expert standard on fall prophylaxis: The divided side protections (“zero gap“) support the mobilisation of the resident. They close seamlessly without any interfering middle post. The matching bedside cabinet VT1 is equipped with drawers instead of doors, which enable the resident to access it from the bed – a further contribution to fall prevention.