Wi-Bo Contempora Bed

Care Bed Contempora

Safety. Comfort. Functionality.


For residents requiring care, the third phase of life holds many changes, ones that often are accompanied by a new type of consciousness. This can find expression in one’s personal environment, in a more intense way of experiencing friendship or an increased appreciation of a pleasant environment that offers individual comfort. wissner-bosserhoff is pursuing a clearly defined objective: to support the wishes and needs of people under regular care with innovative and functional products. In cooperation with sieger design, the company has now developed contempora H10, the home-like care bed for increased quality of life and comfort. We take great care to be able to provide furniture of the highest functionality that meets the demands of everyday living. At the same time, these products embody the high quality and sophisticated design for which sieger design is known. An homage to all the elderly individuals who have been willing to share their experiences and their style with us.

Contempora H10

Its bold lines and matching aesthetics allow the Contempora H10 care bed to fit in harmoniously with a classic living environment. Its high-quality detail is particularly noticeable in, for example, appealingly-shaped head and foot boards with rounded bars. The matching bedside cabinet SD2 in cherry complements the care bed, rounding it out into a home-like unit providing individual comfort to meet the occupant’s needs.

Contempora L10

Contempora L10 complements the light, fresh atmosphere of well-lit room with its straight lines and lack of flourish. The matching bedside cabinet SD3 in maple lends the environment a rich and harmonious look. Contempora care beds are functional and yet design-orientated. Thus the innovative elevation technology, in keeping with style considerations, is modestly concealed within a slender lifting column cover. contempora L10 is also loved for the many practical advantages it offers such as easier getting into/out of bed with its 36cm minimum height setting. The 40cm height adjustment range makes working with the bed especially easy on the back.

Contempora M09

Unadorned and contemporary, the Contempora M09 care bed most reflects a modern living ambience. The Contempora line of bedside cabinets also comes in the attractive wood tone Beech 01. The awarded extending bedside table makes everyday life simpler for both residents and care staff. Its one-hand operation allows the bedside table to be easily folded out so that food trays no longer have to be put down.