Wi-Bo Estetica Nova Bed

Nursing Home Bed Estetica Nova

Individual nursing comfort through a wide variety of functions.


Knowledge concerning our growing life expectancy increasingly changes our awareness of the older generation. We are confronted with a transformation in values, which has new and exciting tasks in store. To meet the new culture of the aged the quality of life of the elderly, especially those in need of care, needs to be raised to a new level. wissner-bosserhoff pursues a clearly defined objective: To support the desires and needs of people in intensive care with innovative and functional products. A claim that is fully justified by the nursing home bed Estetica Nova. Because as a synthesis of high safety requirements and individual nursing care comfort, Estetica Nova stands for professional and civilised handling of people in need of nursing care.

Estetica Nova S10

Estetica Nova S10 is the combination of homeliness and individual nursing comfort – even for levels of intensive care. The bed provides numerous practical functions. Apart from its movability in every bedding position and an easy to operate brake, Estetica Nova meets the specifications of the expert standard “Fall Prevention”. The partitioned side protection (zero gap) support the mobility of the occupant and close without a gap. The matching bedside cabinet stylo C3 – awarded the red dot design prize – additionally meets the needs of the occupant with individual comfort.

Estetica Nova G09/K09

The nursing home bed Estetica Nova G09 or K09 in walnut fits
harmonically into a homelike atmosphere. Through the double retraction of backrest and foot rest, residents up to 180cm in height do not need any lying surface extensions that take up space. The bed, manufactured entirely in Germany, is equipped with lifting columns made by wissner-bosserhoff which guarantee a safe working load of up to 200kg. With the matching bedside cabinet Vivo E2, the surroundings have a generous and uniform appearance. Practical: the serving tray, which is simply pushed up to the bed.