Wi-Bo Movita Bed

Nursing Home Bed Movita

Mobility. Economy. Safety.


Many residents are forced to spend a large part of their time in bed. Regular mobilisation is extremely important here. This is supported by the divided side protections of the Movita bed. The divided side protections close seamlessly and, when applied at the head end, make an effective contribution to mobilisation in accordance with the expert standard, “Fall Prevention”. Movita combines economic efficiency and cosiness with functional elements, thus ensuring an ambience worth living in. The dual retraction of backrest and leg rest creates space in the bed, helps to reduce pressure in the pelvic area and reduces friction and shearing forces. In addition, the Movita supports an effective bedsore prevention with its BiNetic-Frame.

Where mobility is concerned, Movita convinces through numerous practical advantages. Because the nursing home bed can be moved and braked in any bed position, the effort of returning it to the zero position is no longer necessary. The manual safety switch provides protection from accidental operation with its ergonomic design. The low position of the bed at 36 cm facilitates mobilisation and ensures easy transfer to a wheelchair or rest chair.