Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System

Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System

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The Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System is a practical aid for the turning of patients in bed without the need of physically handling them. With a combination of lifting and rolling, the Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System gently turns the patient in bed.

The manual handling of patients has a high risk to both the carer and the patient alike. The new Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System eliminates any lifting, straining or stress to both patients and carers.

The Ezy-Ova Patient Turning System makes repositioning of patients in bed a one person job with a simple Portable Patient Turning System. With the push of a button, the patient can be effortlessly rolled, creating a No-Lift culture.


  • No stress on carer backs
  • Minimal disturbance to patients
  • Eliminates need for two carers
  • Saves time and prevents injuries
  • No shear