Proxi-Mate Nurse Call System

Proxi-Mate Nurse Call System

The Proxi-Mate Nurse Call System is smart, unobtrusive, flexible monitoring with assistive
technology. The Proxi-Mate System is a simple, easy to use method of monitoring individuals
at risk of falls or wandering, while at the same time allowing staff the freedom to attend to
other duties.

The system is designed to give staff the earliest possible warning of an attempt to mobilise unsupervised, move into a prohibited area or other monitored activity. It helps to keep your residents comfortable in familiar surroundings, and reduces confusion and stress that is associated with moving to a higher level of care.

The Proxi-Mate Units can be used through your existing Nurse Call System or as a stand alone pager unit.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use – activated simply by the push of one button
  • Cost effective solution to manage Fall Prevention
  • Built to last – Proximate has no moving parts so no costly replacements required
  • Can be used through your existing Nurse Call System or as a stand alone pager unit
  • No need to carry an additional pager
  • Audible alarm which can be silenced
  • 24-hour ‘on board’ battery backup – fully automatic charging
  • Configurable delay and repeat alarm times
  • 3000 ‘event log’ records date, time and nature of each event, with access to the last 100 events on the front screen
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia and is fully complaint with all necessary standards


There are 3 types of Sensors available:

Bed Sensors: A non-invasive slimline electromagnetic sensor
Chair Sensors: Offering greater care for those out of the bed and in a chair
Infra-Red Sensors: For detecting movement outside the bed or room


Unlike traditional monitors the Proxi-Mate system provides significant cost saving. Proxi-Mate sensors are not ‘single patient use’ and so don’t need to be replaced between patients/residents. Sensors are guaranteed for 2 years from time of purchase.

Alternative sensors can easily be connected as needs change and the innovative mounting system makes moving the unit from room to room a snap – no tools required.