Acute Healthcare Service

Preventative Maintenance

Acute Healthcare is able to provide you with a complete Preventative Maintenance Service schedule on all of your electric beds and mattresses. This is of great benefit to any facility as regular servicing will locate and attend to issues BEFORE they become costly to repair.

Having peace of mind that your equipment is functioning smoothly will also assist in minimising “out of hours” service costs. We are able to come up with a FREE proposal regarding a Service Agreement Contract for your perusal. We can supply detailed reports on how each bed and mattress is performing. Free quotations can be provided for the repair of anything that needs attending to.

Mattress Repair

Should you have any of your Active Mattresses break down on you, we are able to arrange for a free loan mattress to be delivered and set up. This allows us to get your faulty mattress back to our workshop for a full assessment and testing. We are able to locate any cells that may need replacing; pump parts that are faulty and can give you a quotation on repair of your mattress. This is all offered for a one off “service call” charge.

If the cost of repair exceeds that of purchasing a new Active Mattress, we will be able to discuss competitive pricing with you and submit quotations for your perusal. We also offer FREE TRIALS on all of our beds and mattresses, giving you peace of mind that your specific needs are met.

Bed Repair

As with any mechanical item, Electric Beds will need attention at some time. Our experienced service team are able to come to you; they can assess and repair your beds back to full functioning capacity. Whether it is a new hand control or a replacement actuator, we have parts for all common brands that are available on the market. Even the simple lubrication of moving parts can keep your equipment in perfect working order.


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